Tavolo is designed to be applied on counters, islands or wooden tables. Tavolo Oil waterproofs and resists abrasion.


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Stir well before and during use. Apply at a temperature above 15 ° C. The wood should be sanded with 120 grit. Dust using a sweeper. Before application to maple wood, wet the wood, leave to dry for 2 hours and sand lightly with 220 sandpaper.

Apply with a stain pad, rag or brush. After 5 to 15 minutes, wipe the surface with a rag to remove any excess oil.

If more than one coat is applied, it is recommended that you sand with 800 sandpaper between each coat.

1 to 2 coats

Applying additional coats may increase the sheen of the finish. Do not exceed 3 coats.

150 to 290 sq ft / L per coat
  • Between coats: 24 hours
  • Careful use: 24 hours
  • First wet cleaning: 10 days

In very hot and humid weather it is recommended to dilute with 5 to 15% oil thinner

Oil thinner

Store in an airtight container

Consult your municipality to properly dispose of the remains of this product.

DANGER OF COMBUSTION – Keep out of the reach of children. Materials used with this product, such as rags, can ignite spontaneously. After use, put the rags in water or dry them flat, then throw them away.


Wood, cork
  • Can be applied on: Wood oil, wood stain
  • Can be coated with: Wood oil, wood varnish, wood wax
150 to 290 sq ft / L per coat
1 year
Matte satin (5 to 7%)

Safflower oil, tung oil, linseed oil, vegetable wax, isoparaffin, siccative.

299 g / L

Colorless or natural. For a colored finish apply coloring oil for floors UNO in the first layer.

  • 20 ml (sample size)
  • 500 ml
sample tavolo

Free samples

20ml samples are available at most retailers.

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