Pareo is an oil for exterior wood coloration and finishing. Pareo exterior finishing oil weatherproofs wood, does not blister, peel, or whiten over time.

Pareo exterior finishing oil is ideally suited for sidings, terraces, docks, fences, structures, garden furniture, doors, windows, play areas, flower boxes…


On White Pine. Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for use

Moisture level of wood needs to be 15% or less before beginning (Wait 3 months before applying on new wood, one year on new treated wood.). Stir well with a stick before and while using. Do not apply in sunlight or at a temperature below 10 °C. The wood must be completely dry, clean and sanded with a 80 grit paper.

For an application on sawn wood or to obtain a softer coloration, it’s possible to dilute Pareo with an equal part or less of Pareo Colorless Base.

Do not apply only the Pareo Colourless Base on surfaces exposed to sun. The dilution of Pareo with Pareo Colorless Base decreases UV resistance. The pigments contained in the tinted Pareo are essential for the wood conservation.

Apply with a stain brush or a stain pad in very thin coats, wipe off any excess oil with a cotton rag.

If more than 24 hours have passed since the first application, sand lightly with a 120 grit paper before the second application.

The use of a spray gun is highly unsuitable for vertical application. For horizontal surfaces, wipe off any excess oil after spray gun application.

  • Water resistance : 6 hours
  • Between coats: 12 to 18 hours
  • Cautious traffic : 18 to 24 hours
  • Complete drying : 7 days
2 coats
  • Sanded wood : 80 to 275 sq ft / L
  • Sawn wood (untreated) : 40 to 100 sq ft / L
Finishing oil thinner
Pareo Colorless Base

Clean with water and scrub. When the finish becomes dull and slightly discolored (after 1 to 6 years), Clean with water and scrub, lightly sand with 80 grit sandpaper and apply one coat of Pareo Colorless Base to revive the color and waterproof the wood.

Keep in airtight container.

Consult your municipality for proper disposal procedure of this product residues.

DANGER OF COMBUSTION – Keep out of reach of children. Materials such as rags used with this product may begin to burn by themselves. After use, put rags in water or lay flat to dry, then discard.


  • Untreated wood
  • Commercial treated dry wood (1 year)
  • Restored wood (stainted or oiled)

Compatible with most clear or semi­clear exterior oil based Stains, UNO colored oil, exterior impregnation products. Incompatible with exterior water based and hybrid Stains, exterior varnishes, film forming products.

It’s strongly recommended reading carefully the technical sheet of the product and making prior test to ensure the propriety and compatibility of the products.

  • Vertical surfaces : 2 to 6 years
  • Horizontal surfaces : 1 to 3 years
  • Sanded wood : 80 to 275 sq ft / L
  • Sawn wood (untreated) : 40 to 100 sq ft / L

Vegetal oil, iron oxide, isoparaffin, unleaded siccative

437 g / L
Satin Matt (2 to 4 %)
  • 20 ml (sample)
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
  • 18.9 L

Free samples

20 ml samples are available at most retailers.

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