Prato-Verde Wood Finishing Oils

  • A silky finish, deep and rich colors which enhance wood's natural look
  • Easy to apply and mild odor
  • Made from 100% natural oils and resins, free from synthetic resins
  • Durable and easy to repair

Why use Prato-Verde oils?

Prato-Verde Wood Finishing Oils

Prato-Verde wood oils’ exceptional richness and durability result primarily from the quality of the raw materials selected for their manufacturing.

Made from a blend of the highest quality vegetable oils such as Tung, linseed and safflower, Prato-Verde oils come from traditional wood oils that have received praise and trust from woodworkers and cabinet makers around the world for generations.

Colored with the richest pigments extracted from the finest European soils, Prato-Verde oils offer beautiful, unique colors for wood treatment.

Easy to use, Prato-Verde oils protect and enhance wood in two simple steps: Spread and wipe.

Discover the warmth and richness of oiled wood.

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