Here are several projects that were finished with Prato-Verde oils for wood. Thanks to our partners for sharing these successful projects, since a picture is worth a thousand words... Your projects, small or big, are at the root of Prato-Verde's pride.

Art Massif has been building laminated timber structures for many different projects since 2010: commercial and residential buildings, restaurants, sport infrastructures, etc.

Since its beggining, Art Massif finishes its projects with Prato-Verde oils.
Steve Desrosiers - President, Art Massif

Signature Stéphane Dion is a high end solid wood furniture design and production company. In order to build their signature collection furniture, Signature Stéphane Dion uses a wide variety of wood essences originating from several countries.

We have been using Prato-Verde oils for close to ten years, thanks to its quality and the incredible customer support. We always seek superior products to make our furniture, and this is reflected in our choice of wood, adhesives and finishing products
Stéphane Dion

Our family business is specialized in doors, windows and woodworks design and production. Our work is focused on heritage preservation and our approach is very specific. We have integrated Prato-Verde natural finishing oils to our high-end finishes for many years.
Antoine Pelletier

Ebenor Percussion is highly recognized in the custom drum kits industry by offering high end instruments.

At Ebenor, we love to work with Prato-Verde's Secondo oil since it nourishes the wood grain to enhance its shine. Furthermore, it efficiently penetrates all types of wood, even if the fiber is very dense. Treated this way, wood is perfectly protected from moisture.
Willian Leclerc, owner

Jackson Hill Timber Frames is a family business located in Morin-Heights, Québec.

For 20 years now, we've been building vintage, massive wood frames and round wood structures based on mortise-and-tenon-planking techniques. We use Prato-Verde natural oils to finish every project.
Neil Wallwork, Jackson Hill Timber Frames

Raw materials sale and turnkey solutions business, located in Saint-Pascal, Québec.

At Espace-bois, we trust Prato-Verde oils to finish our carpentry and woodworking projects. Being very satisfied with the results, we have also become retailers of Prato-Verde products.
Vincent Bouchard

Conception Duboisé is a family owned business located in the heart of Québec's Outaouais region, specialized in the building of timber frame houses.

We are retailers and we also use Prato-Verde products. For any beam, floor, furniture, patio or siding, Prato-Verde preserves wood's original charms while protecting it.
Jean-françois Dubuc - Owner

La Roue du Roy Club is a shooting and hunting club open to members and to the general public. It is located in Hemmingford, Québec. The Club offers various services such as La Bartavelle restaurant, a shooting simulator, a kennel, training rooms, over a 260 acres area. La Roue du Roy Club chose Prato-Verde natural oils to finish all of its indoors and outdoors structures.

Claude Lacasse is a furniture restorer who has been established in the heart of Montréal for many years. His customers bring him very high end furniture along with other accessories that need to be repaired, stripped or cleaned. Claude has chosen Prato-Verde oils to handle those stimulating projects.

Berco Design

Berco Design is the shop for Claude Bérubé's work, a passionate and innovative designer from Rouyn-Noranda, Québec. Claude makes wood furniture and other objects that are completely out of the ordinary. All of Claude's projects are finished with Prato-Verde finishing oils.

Bois SD Malo is an important wood retailer and supplier located in Longueuil and Ste-Mélanie, Québec. Along with its wood selling activity, Bois SD Malo also transforms and builds custom furniture. The company is a big user and retailer of Prato-Verde oils.

Boiseries Valléa d'Or is a wood siding and flooring manufacture company located in Val-d'Or since 2007.

At Boiseries Valléa d'Or, we are retailers and proud users of Prato-Verde natural finishing oils. We believe that we are good ambassadors for natural oil finishes. For the past 9 years, all of our production, such as floors, doors, mouldings, countertops, furniture and sidings have been finished with Prato-Verde oils, and our customers are more than satisfied with the results. The proof is that they keep coming back.

Gilbert Provençal is an antiquity and old furniture restoration expert. For more than 20 years, Gilbert and his team restore antiques according to some very strict sets of rules. L'Authentique, his business, has been using Prato-Verde oils for many years. Furthermore, it promotes the use of Prato-Verde oils for antique furniture restoration.

La Boite à Pin is a young business specialized in the design, production and reproduction of furniture. Since its establishment in 2013, La Boîte à Pin uses and sells Prato-Verde oils.

Chalet privé

In the heart of Abitibi, in northwestern Québec, this beautiful construction has been built by an ambitious couple. All the floors, walls, ceilings, woodworks and furniture were finished with Prato-Verde oils. Maple brown color is the most apparent on this huge white pine project. Every product of the Prato-Verde family, Uno, Secondo, Brio and Pareo were put to use for this project.

Serge Leclaire has been a well known creator in the woordworking industry for more than two decades. He builds high end furniture. Serge uses Prato-Verde oils for many of his projects, and also retails the oils at his workshop located in Laval, Québec.

Simon Faucher is a professional photographer who spends his free time in amazing woodworking projects. Simon has many realizations in his portfolio, and all of his projects have been finished with Prato-Verde oils.

Cuisine E.G. is a custom furniture and cabinet company. A few years ago, Cuisine E.G. has discovered and adopted the oil finishing trend. Since that time, they have completed several projects with Prato-Verde oils.

Etienne Tremblay

Étienne Tremblay is one of our customers who has used Secondo finishing oil to finish his black walnut table. The result is amazing.

Rina Bevilacqua

All in all, so far, we love this oil and hope it will last us awhile. :)
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