Bonito is a soap designed for oiled wood care. Bonito is made from coconut and soy oil derivatives.

Directions for use

Wait at least 10 days before starting the maintenance of freshly oiled floors. Vacuum or sweep with a broom to remove all residues.

Shake well. Dilute 50 ml of Bonito per 4 liters of water (preferably warm). Wash the surface with this mixture. Rinse with clear water. Be careful not to wet the surface too much. Wipe dry.

Sponge mop, cloth.

Keep in a dry and cool place away from frost.

If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 24 hours without stirring.

Consult your municipality for proper disposal of the remains of this product.


Oiled wood
946 ml

Water, vegetal soap, sodium salt of fatty acid from coco and soya, organic solvent.

0 g / L

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