New concentrated oil-based formula

Sancio is designed for the protection and maintenance of oiled wood. Sancio repairs, protects and slightly increases the luster of oiled woods.

It is recommended to use Sancio once a month alternating with soap for oiled wood BONITO.


Shake well before each use. Vacuum or broom to remove all residue. In a spray bottle, mix one part of SANCIO New concentrated formula to 4 to 5 parts of water. Stir the diluted product well to ensure a good emulsion of the water and oil contained in the product.

Spray a thin layer of the previously prepared mixture on a section of the wood to be treated. Spread evenly in the direction of the wood grain with a terry cloth or cotton mop. Leave to dry without rinsing.

Do not apply too much product to prevent the surface from becoming sticky or uneven. Circulate carefully after 30 minutes, but it is advisable to let the floor “sit” for 12 hours.

Store in a cool, dry place away from frost.

If the product has frozen, let it thaw at room temperature for 24 hours without stirring.

Consult your municipality to properly dispose of the remains of this product.

DANGER OF COMBUSTION – Keep out of the reach of children. Materials used with this product, such as rags, can ignite spontaneously. After use, put the rags in water or dry them flat, then throw them away.


Oiled wood

Approximately 2500 sq ft / L (for a 1: 5 dilution)

6 to 10 weeks
946 ml
0 g / L

Water, waxes, natural oils, modified oils, anti UV additives.

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