Concentrated Protector for Oiled Woods

New Concentrated Formula - Oil Based

Sancio is designed for the protection and care of oiled woods. Sancio repairs, protects and lightly enhances oiled woods sheen.

It is recommended to use Sancio once a month alternately with Bonito soap.

  • Concentrated, Anti UV protector for oiled woods
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Fixes degraded oil finishes
  • Enhances sheen
  • Protect oiled wood

Directions for use


Shake well before every use. Vacuum or sweep with a broom before application in order to remove any residues. In an atomizer spray bottle, mix one part SANCIO New Concentrated Formula with 4 to 5 parts water. Stir the mix thoroughly to ensure a proper emulsion of the oil and water mix.


Spray a thin coat of the prepared mix on an area of the surface to be treated. Spread evenly, following the wood grain direction with a sponge or cotton mop. Let the surface dry without rinsing.

Don't apply too much product to avoid a sticky or uneven surface. The surface can be lightly walked on 30 minutes after application, but it is recommended to allow the surface to completely dry for 12 hours.

Tools Cleaning



Keep in a dry and cool place away from frost.

If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 24 hours without stirring.

Residues Disposal

Consult your municipality to properly dispose the remains of this product.


DANGER OF COMBUSTION - Keep out of reach of children. Materials such as rags used with this product may begin to burn by themselves. After use, put rags in water or lay flat to dry, then discard.


Surface Types

Oiled woods


Approximately 2500 sq ft / L (dilution 1:5)


6 to 10 weeks


946 ml


0 g / L


Water, waxes, natural oils, modified oils, Anti UV additives.


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