Prato-Verde Wood Finishing Oils

High-end wood oil enhances wood grain and ensures greater longevity to its finish. Because of oil’s deep penetrating characteristic it does not peel or crack over time, as do varnishes.

Oil based repairs allow for localized retouching without having to sand, strip or treat entire surfaces. They are easy to apply using a cloth, brush or applicator.

With a longstanding application to resinous, rustic and country style wood throughout the years, oils have also become an excellent choice for creating modern finishes on hard, domestic, exotic and contemporary wood.

The high end Prato-Verde wood oil products, composed of vegetable oils, natural pigments and resins as well as a low solvent and VOC content, have very low odor emissions, great quality/price ratio and high performance qualities with an array of rich colors to choose from.

Our support team is available to assist you with any technical questions regarding usage and application of natural oil based products for finishing and restoring your floor, furniture and other woodworks as well as to answer maintenance questions for the upkeep of oil treated wood.

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